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About Me

I’ve loved reading ever since I can remember and began writing stories in elementary school. The first story I ever wrote was about two bears who were best friends. One of the bears moves away and it makes the other one sad. But in the end, that bear moves back, and the story ends happily because the two bears can play together again. It was ten pages long. I was in kindergarten. It was called Two Bears Playing. Maybe I’ll share it someday. I’m pretty sure my mom still has it.

My stories have evolved greatly since then. I like writing scifi, dystopian, and fantasy stories with a contemporary feel.

I like old things, cats, and ice cream. When not writing, you can usually find me editing as the Paisley Editor and enjoying life. 

I live in Rhode Island with my husband Rob, who supports my bookish endeavors completely. He proposed to me on stage at UTOPiA2016 in front of an audience of authors and book industry professionals. It was perfect. We have two crazy cats named Jordy Purrson and Aaron Pawgers.


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